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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Teachers Hate Having the Summer Off

What a crazy few weeks I have experienced with my new position (well technically I'm still not placed in the position). The HR process for my network and entire district has been chaotic. I won’t bore you with the specific details but I can give you a brief overview. My colleagues and all new resident teachers have to attend mandatory 3-week summer training (yes, cutting into our already long and exciting summer- NOT!). As we began to complete all the HR steps to becoming employed for the summer training positions, the main system rejected all our information and we had to reapply to the positions. Let me explain this way, WE ALL STILL DON’T HAVE A JOB! We must report to work Monday, so I’m sure between today and tomorrow (and maybe even Monday) everything will be taken care of. The best thing about the training is that I get to see many of my cohort members who I missed more than anything! It may be the last time we all our in the same building together.
Cohort 009

Besides that craziness I’ve been really enjoying the summer. My daughter (Nyla) has started 1st grade and she has a fantastic teacher. He (yes, she has the blessing of a male teacher) is very structured and organized. His lessons are challenging for her and allow her to remain focused during the school day (8am-5pm). She’ll be completing her second week of 1st grade tomorrow and I can say I’m proud of her efforts and growth in such a short time span. Weekends have been full of fun outings and silly playtime.


Doing Homework 

Nyla playing after school

Snack before school

The most exciting part about this short summer (that I’m in a love hate relationship with) is planning and shopping for the new classroom. The love comes in the form of bringing all my new ideas and dreams together. The hate is the cost of items, considering teachers don’t get a paycheck over the summer the race to get the best for less is on. I have to say though I’m blessed to have an awesome friend who has been supporting my dreams and completing DIY projects for my new group of kiddos. I have also received donation from many friends, family members and strangers! As the summer comes to an end for me I’m excited to begin planning for my new school with the entire staff beginning on Monday. Look out for all the updates about how we are preparing for a turnaround school!

Using this gem during Small Group time

Beginning of storage Ottomans
Library Bins with Cute Pillow