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Monday, June 30, 2014

Not a Real Job: Just Dreams

Well where I can begin? I guess I'll start with a little of my background and what has inspired me to begin life in the blogging world. My name is Laquita McMillion, I'm a mother of one, daughter, sister, aunt, and outstanding friend (if you ask me). And of course, from the title of this blog you don't have to guess that my profession is TEACHING!
Nyla (my daughter) and I
I love my career and it has been my first (but definitely not my last) passion that I've begun to conquer. I teach within the Chicago area and as of today, because they "say" teachers have the summer off, I’m only preparing for the job. I'm in the process of laying out all the dreams that wake me up at 3am. My position this Fall is what has led me to begin a blog. I will be teaching in a turnaround school. This is a school that has been deemed by the board of education (or whoever makes the rules for public schools in my city) to be failing. My network transforms the school beginning with a renovated building, new leadership, new teachers and staff BUT the same students.
My Family (sister and 3 nieces)
Master's degree graduation

I was apart of the trained teachers within the process through a residency model. I've successfully completed one year in a classroom gaining support and developing my practice by having a mentor, coach, and a co-resident. Oh and the best part of it all was being about to attend graduate school at the same time to receive my Master's degree in Urban Education.

My Father and Sister
So that's enough about me, lets get to what I'm trying to accomplish by having a blog. The reality of my career is that nearly half of all schoolteachers burnout within the first 5 years (don't take my word for it check out the research articles). In my unique experience of being a turnaround teacher the burnout increases from half to over 90%. I plan to use this blog as my track record, to document my experience as a new turnaround teacher and hopefully help the next teacher in his or her own experiences. Stay tune for the ride because I'm sure it will be an interesting transformation.

To begin my challenge, we were allowed in our future building to complete tagging (identifying items that will stay or leave after renovation). Below are some of the pictures I was able to capture ;-)

Here's how I'm raising money to build my new classroom ;-)